Welcome to Tabemonogatari

And welcome to the fantastic world of food as well… I’m taking a three weeks trip to Japan as an opportunity to begin this new blog about food. Although it is not dedicated in particular to japanese food only, this will be the main dish for the next weeks. For those not familiar with japanese food I recommend to read the excellent series (in french) “Au bout des baguettes…” from the blog of my fellow food lover Sébastien at http://inso.cc for an introduction to the main particularities of cooking in Japan. I will also follow his policy of putting the name of the food in its original script in brackets following the transcription in Roman script. As he puts it himself this is firstly to look more intelligent and secondly it will allow unfamilliar customers to recognize items on the menu when it is not available in Roman script.

The aim of my blog is to create a repository of places where to get a tasty meal. There will be popular and fancy, eastern and western, traditional and modern food. There will be absolutely no discrimination (athough my personal taste might become perceptible) with regard to any food.

Anyway, let’s get started and :

Bon Appétit!

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  1. 1

    theefer said,

    Yes, trop bien un nouveau blog de bouffe! 🙂

    Je ferai de la pub depuis ma série “Au bout des baguettes” dès que tu auras commencé!

  2. 2

    Trefex said,

    [quote]There will be absolutely no discrimination (athough my personal taste might become perceptible) with regard to any food.[/quote]

    Not even for meat? 😀

  3. 3

    fakufaku said,

    ha ha ha, j’ai change d’orientation depuis qu’on s’est vu la derniere fois… Je remange de tout et c’est tant mieux 😀

  4. 4

    Donato said,

    Hehe trop cool, me réjouis de lire toutes ces bonnes recettes! Et si ca grouille, ca gigotte ou ca miaule c’est encore mieux :))

    ++ ma poule

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