Kaworiya – Tsukemen – Iriya, Tokyo

After a trip of about 20 hours what’s best than good plate of Ramen ? I had just got to Tokyo to meet my girlfriend Risa and I have to say that after the trip and the bad food in the plane, my stomach was aching for descent food. No need to mention that I was also more than eager to taste again the fantastic Japanese food.

In order to remediate to this urge of my stomach, Risa, knowing my love of ramen (ラーメン), took me to a nearby ramen shop that was recommended by her doctor and situated near Iriya station on the Hibiya line of the tokyo metro. This shop, kaoriya (かをりや) is specialized in tsukemen (つけ麺), a variation of the ramen where noodles and the soup are served separately.

Here, as often in Japan, the order is made at a machine were you buy tickets for the food you want to eat. Risa took shoyu ramen (醤油ラーメン) with kimuchi (キムチ, korean spicy pickled cabbage) and boiled egg (たまご) toppling. As I had never tasted tsukemen, I chose a sesame (胡麻) flavoured variation of it with kimuchi and aonori (青のり, some kind of seaweed) toppling and chashu (チャーシュー, long boiled fatty pork). All of this accompanied by an asahi beer (super dry, of course).

However, when passing our tickets to the chef, we learnt that the additional kimuchi toppling was not necessary as it was already included in the ramen we chose. Ni une ni deux, we had it served as an appetizer. Which turned to be very yummy!

Then, the came the main course with the shoyu ramen with a very very tasty boiled egg :

and the seseame tsukemen. The soup is on the left and the noodles on the right. The color of the soup as of a deep orange with the aonori and the kimuchi visible and a lot of negi (ねぎ, japanese onions).

It was a real feast! An incredible taste of sesame with tender slices of pork and succulent noodles! I can definitely recommend this place to anybody and particulary the tsukemen!

I hope you enjoyed this first post. Any feedback is also welcome.

See you next meal.


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  1. 1

    Vincent said,

    Hi dear food lover friend !

    Glad to see that your plane did not crash, and that even such a long trip did not affect your legendary appetite !

    This blog is awesome, the pictures and descriptions make us want to be there and share these meals with you !

    Enjoy your stay, and keep on posting your food adventures !



  2. 2

    […] peut dores et déjà y déguster des tsukemen (つけ麺), variété particulière de rāmen, et les incontournables sushi […]

  3. 3

    Yuko said,

    Hi !!
    It’s very nice foto! I like that! hahaha!

    I’m excited to meet you in Tokyo next week!!! yeeeeaaaahhhh

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