Ootoya – Katsudon – Okachimachi, Tokyo

When noon comes and your stomach begins to feel really empty, what you sometimes need is some traditionnal food, a feeling of being at home. In this case restaurants like Ootoya (大戸屋) is a good idea. With their assortiment of teishoku (定食, set menu), everybody can find something to its taste, from grilled fish served with grated daikon to fried pork and chicken in different sauces.

My attention was from the beginning drawn to a very classical katsudon (カツ丼, a bowl of rice toppled with a sliced cutlet of fried pork), one of the favorite food of young boys in Japan. There is many kinds of katsudon. This particular one was a Hokkaido style konbu seewead flavoured katsudon (北海道産昆布風味熟成豚ロースかつ丼). Like all set menu it was served with a miso soup and tsukemono (漬け物, japanese pickled vegetables).

As usually, a raw egg was added at the end to cook on the hot pork cutlet. As soon as it was served, the delicious smell of the meal achieved to make me salivate. I however started with the miso soup as an appetizer in order to let the katsudon coolen a bit since it is served very hot. Even like this I was a bit too hasty and burnt my lip when taking the first bite. Anyway, after some more bites of this tasty fried pork, I reached all the good, sticky, nicely perfumed japanese rice lying at the bottom of the bowl. A real party for my papillae.

See you next meal.


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  1. 1

    kukuli said,

    C’est le premier plat que j’ai mangé en arrivant au Japon (on ne compte pas le Cup Noodle en arrivant de l’aéroport)… Katsudon power!!!

  2. 2

    ydo said,

    tu fais la grève de la faim? Ou tu tiens à jour les blogs comme moi? 🙂

  3. 3

    […] local branch of Otoya, a chain that serves traditional “home-like” menus, which Robin recommended on his blog.  I order a menu with slices of roasted chicken breast in a teriyaki-like sauce, salad, miso soup, […]

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