Stick & Spoon – Hamburger – Ueno, Tokyo

What can you do when you get bored of nippon food ? Eat a hamburger, of course. But it would be a pity to restrict yourself to MacDonald or Wendy’s wouldn’t it ? Then go to Stick & Spoon.

This is a burger place, but do not expect the cheap bread around your meat. What’s the use of it anyway. Here the burger are served in three different sizes and with different sauces (garlic, japanese style, …). I opted for the medium negi burger (ねぎバーガー). As it was lunch time, this came in menu with a small salad (just to be able to say this was healthy), the usual Miso soup and white rice.

After the salad came together the soup, rice, and the burger! The burger is litteraly covered with negi! This delicious japanese onion. Also on the side we can see mung bean sprouts. The burger was served on a hot plate and was still sputtering hot butter.

Although there was no fork nor knife, it turned out the burger was so soft that it was very easy to cut and eat with chopsticks. This softness and the negi toppling made this burger one of the most yummy I have eaten so far. This is in my opinion a very japanese burger. The quantity is honnest but not orgiac. The subtle negi onion sauce emphasize the taste of the meat instead of mask it. The minced meat is light and doesn’t weigh on the stomach. Well, I liked it.

After this very good lunch we were in excellent mood and went for a coffee at Doutor (ドトール). But why take a coffee when you can take something much more fancy. Although it is not my habit, I indulged myself today to this motto and took a macha latte (抹茶ラテ), iced japanese powdered green tea mixed with milk (on the right) and Risa had a Caramel machiatto latte (キャラメールマキャットラテ).

Miam miam miam, see you next meal.


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