Kagaribi – Sanuki Udon – Ueno, Tokyo

Lucky you, two posts in a row today. This time, back to japanese food : Udon! The place is Kagaribi (かがり火) in the direct proximity of the famous WWII black market Ameyoko in Ueno.

This time we have we make an exception and take Udon instead of Soba (it’s not like we have a choice, this restaurant is specialized in Udon and does not have Soba at all…). The place is actually specialized in the traditional Sanuki udon (さぬきうどん) served in a cold soup with a very delicate taste and topped with minced negi and slices of fish cake. On the side have various tempura (天ぷら) and the famous potato salada that looks like an ice cream.

Bon appétit!


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    HaZse said,


    I lived myself in Tokyo for 1.5 years, near Iriya station – and today just searched for the address of my favorite ramen place, that is when I found your blog. I thought I recommend this place, as you seem to live somewhere nearby in the area. I searched for the place on Google maps: http://preview.tinyurl.com/czvpmx . The place is the one, just at the pedestrian crossing. The best chashu-men I ever had in Tokyo.

    Hope you will have the time to check it out, and than “report” back if the quality stayed the same 🙂

    Enjoy your stay there,


    • 2

      fakufaku said,

      Hello Zsolt,
      Thank you for the advice. How hope I can try this place sometime. Unfotunately I don’t live there anymore. I came back some time ago. I miss chashuu-men!!
      If you like Ramen, stay tuned, there should be very soon a lot more about Ramen!
      – Fakufaku

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