Panga – Pipinba – Satakeshoutengai, Tokyo

Hello everybody. Back from a long silence I’d like to continue my food blogging effort. From now on I will try to write less ambitious posts, but more often. Well anyway let’s go in the core of today’s post!
Back to corean food : Panga (ぱんが), a modest venue in the commercial street satakeshoutengai (さたけ商店街) close to Ueno.
As an appetizer, we get, of course, the delicious kimchi and in this case some (not so great) pasta salada.

Then, I order the very colorful Pipinba (ピピンバ). It comes in the hot stone bowl along with a wonderul smell.

After admiring it for some minutes, you usually mix everything together and Bon appétit!

An alternative to pipinba is for example the kalubi kuppa (カルビクッパ) a hot red soup with vegetables and beef ribs inside.

My Kingdom for Kimchi! Go corean!!


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